Midgley Bridge View Sedona, Arizona

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Luke Metz is glad to be in contact with pottery lovers, collectors, and fellow artists.  See below for information on Sedona, Arizona.  The photo is the view of Midgley Bridge in Oak Creek Canyon.

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Information on Sedona, Arizona

Sedona, Arizona is an incredible place to visit.  If you have not been to Sedona, you might want to explore it on the internet.  The red rocks are incredibly beautiful.  There are many spectacular hiking trails and mountain bike trails.  Restrictions on development have kept this tourist area from becoming overly commercial in appearance.

For a town with a population of a little over 10,000 (permanent residents), Sedona, Arizona is remarkably cosmopolitan.  It has been ranked as a top travel destination as well as a great (if somewhat expensive) place to retire.  There is a thriving artist community with some nationally renowned artists living here.  In addition to numerous galleries, there is a performing art center, nightclubs, a six-plex movie theater and a movie theater that specializes in independent films.  Many fine restaurants can add fun to your visit.   A number of spiritual teachers reside here and many teachers travel here to put on retreats, workshops, and seminars.  The natural beauty of the area is stellar.  Many visitors are astounded by their first view of Sedona.

There are a number of annual events such as the annual Sedona International Film Festival that draw many visitors.

Easy Trips from Sedona

Sedona, Arizona is within an hour of Flagstaff and it is a two-hour drive from Phoenix.  Historic Jerome hangs off a mountainside west of Sedona (it is about a 40-minute drive) and has lots of fun shops and restaurants to visit.  The beautiful Willow and Watson lakes in Prescott are about an hour and a half drive and provide wonderful photographic opportunities.

The Grand Canyon is about a two-hour drive from Sedona.  Monument Valley and Antelope canyon are easily reachable.  The incredible national park system in Utah is accessible by car for a more extended venture.

Yes, it even snows occasionally in the winter (emphasis on occasionally).

My point is that Sedona is a great place to visit.  If you do visit, come see my work in one of the galleries carrying my pottery and/or visit my studio.

Ceramic Art by Luke Metz