Ceramic Art and Raku Pottery by Luke Metz

Raku Pottery and Other Alternative Firings

Alien Pod is raku pottery by Luke Metz in Sedona, Arizona
Alien Pod

The ceramic art and raku pottery of Luke Metz are created in the area of Sedona, Arizona.  He loves raku firing and also does other alternative firings such as saggar firing, pit firing, and soda firing.  These are all atmospheric firings (chemicals in the atmosphere of the firing effect the final result) and produce exciting and unique results.  These alternative firing techniques are known for their unpredictability and this is part of why Luke Metz finds them exciting.

Soda Fired pottery by Luke Metz in Sedona, Arizona
Soda Fired Vessel

Except for soda firing, these pottery pieces are not functional  They are not intended for food or water.  A removable label on the bottom of these pieces indicates this restriction.  The Care Instructions page under the Alternative Fire menu option explains the special care suggested for these types of ceramic art.

See the Artist section of this site for Luke Metz for more information on the artist and his history, awards, and shows.  This section also gives some information about Sedona, Arizona.  

High-Fire Pottery

Infolding High fire sculptural ceramic art by Luke Metz in Sedona, Arizonais a ceramic high_fire piece by Luke Metz in Sedona, Arizona
Hyper-Dimensional Polymorphic Exploration

Luke Metz also does medium and high-fire pottery.  The high-fire is often done in reduction.  Reduction means that there is a reduced amount of oxygen available in the kiln during certain stages of the firing.  Reduction firing is essential to produce the dramatic effects that are possible with Shino glazes.  There are glazes that are called Shino glazes that mimic the look of reduction fired Shino glazes but the difference is quite noticeable.   Reduction firing could be considered an atmospheric firing since the high carbon atmosphere is affecting the final result.

Most of the high fire and medium fire pottery that Luke Metz produces is food and water safe.  It is usually safe in the dishwasher as well as the microwave oven.   Various galleries in the Sedona area offer the ceramic art of Luke Metz.

Ceramic Art by Luke Metz