Care Instructions

Raku Pottery by Luke Metz
Sample Raku Piece

The instructions posted below apply to my raku, naked raku, saggar and pit fire pieces.  These are decorative pieces.   The photographs on this page show a sample of each of this firings techniques.

This is IMPORTANT information for safely using and caring for your purchase.   These pieces are NOT safe for food or drink.  They should NOT be used to hold water – such as using for live flowers. The finish and patina achieved with these pieces is delicate.  It is sealed with a clear acrylic spray or a hard wax.  Direct exposure to sunlight over an extended period of time can cause the finish to fade.

Naked Raku by Luke Metz
Sample Naked Raku Piece

These type of firings are not vitrified (fired at a high enough temperature to cause the clay to turn into a glass like substance) and thus these pieces are more fragile than functional ware.

Alternative fire techniques can produce exciting and unusual finishes on a piece.  These finishes can be imitated but for the most part they are unique to alternative firing.  Please see the webpages on this site for each of these alternative fire techniques for a more in depth discussion of the technique.

Saggar Bowl by Luke Metz
Sample Saggar Piece

PLEASE NOTE: Soda Fire pieces are different from the other methods mentioned below.  These pieces do NOT require special care.  My soda fire pieces are safe for food and drink.  They can be used in the microwave oven, heated in an oven (be sure to put it in a cold oven and then bring to temperature) and cleaned in the dishwasher as long as they are not bumping against other pieces.  These guidelines apply as well to all of my functional ware.

Pit Fire Tulip Vase by Luke Metz
Sample Pit Fired Piece

With proper care these pieces will last for many years.   Enjoy your piece it is one of a kind and has been made with much love.

Feel free to contact me if you have additional questions.

Soda Fire Pottery by Luke Metz
Sample Soda Fired Piece

Ceramic Art by Luke Metz