Pottery Bowl by Luke Metz in Sedona, Arizona

Spring and Summer 2015 – Porcelain

"Turquoise Splash"I have been working with porcelain and stoneware at high-fire reduction firing (cone 10).  There has been a lot of learning and a lot of experimentation.  I have been making sectional (multiple thrown pieces joined into one piece) pieces and playing with new glazes.  I have also started playing with raku firing porcelain (at the bottom of this post is a porcelain piece from a recent raku firing).  This is not a clay body that is friendly to raku but it does produce some interesting results.

I am currently making pieces for a soda firing and I am also making functional ware (mugs, bowls…) for the September show at the Sedona Arts Center in Sedona, Arizona.

Stoneware Floor Vase

Currently, I have a substantial inventory and am running a 20% discount on pieces purchased directly from the Pots By Luke studio.  It might be time for some early Christmas shopping.  Contact me for a no obligation viewing.

"Red Drip"

These are some larger pieces.  The top vase is about 19 inches tall, the platter is about 17 inches in diameter. the lower vase is about 22 inches tall and the bottle is about 13 inches tall.

Porcelain Raku by Luke Metz in Sedona, Arizona
Porcelain Raku

I have been in three shows during this period.  The Juried Sedona Arts Center Annual Member Show awarded one of my pieces third prize.  My studio in Sedona was included in the annual SVAC studio tour – about 35 studios participated with over 50 artists.  It rained and was cold the whole weekend of the studio tour, but we still had good attendance.  Two friends and I put together “The Three Amigos Ceramic Exhibition” which was for 4 weeks (from May to early June) at the Corner Gallery in Sedona, Arizona.

The featured piece shown at the top of this post is a reduction fired stoneware bowl.  It was fired to cone 10 and is 12.5 inches in diameter.

Bottom line is that it has been an exciting and busy time.