Baked bread made in one of Luke's ceramic bread bakers.

Sauerkraut and a Brand New Year (2018)


Hello, Red Rockers (that is fans of  I am excited about 2018 and have no idea where it will take me.  I plan to be making plenty of sauerkraut.

Upcoming Shows

The 38th Annual Juried Member Exhibition runs from March 2nd through March 25th.  Four of my pieces have been juried into the show.  It will be held at the
          Sedona Arts Center
          15 Art Barn Road
          Sedona, Arizona 86336
          (928) 282-3865 

The SVAC Open Studio Tour here in Sedona, Arizona will be April 27, 28 and 29 10am – 5pm.  When the brochure is available, I will add a link to this.

Here Is What I Am Up to with My Pottery

High-fire Antelope Canyon Series created by Luke Metz
Antelope Canyon Series – made with a porcelainlike clay that has been lightly coated with a special wash and left unglazed on the outside.
High-Fire "Earthquake" was made by Luke Metz in Sedona Arizona
“Earthquake” – Cone 10 reduction fired Soldate 60 clay
Wood-fired textured vase. There is no glaze on the outside of this piece. The wonderful variations of color are caused by the fire and ash.
Wood-fired Textured Vase – there is no glaze on the outside of this piece. The wonderful variations of color are caused by the fire and ash deposits. This was fired in the Reitzagama kiln to cone 12.

I have been continuing my interest in my Antelope Canyon series of pieces.  I love the fluidity of the shapes and the element of surprise as the piece is viewed from different angles.  I have explored this idea with different glazes and different types of firings.

I am feeling drawn to further explore functional ware.  My mugs continue to do well and I have ramped up production on these.  I made some bread bakers, which also serve as casseroles and covered serving bowls.  I am a fan of crispy hard crusts and this baker does it.  The featured image above for this page shows one the bakers with a loaf of bread that I baked in it.  These are selling. 

I am also interested in seeing how well sauerkraut fermentation crocks sell – I ferment my own sauerkraut.  These crocks are designed to prevent oxygen from getting back into your batch.  Sauerkraut, by the way, is an excellent natural source of probiotics various vitamins.  So these sauerkraut crocks are on my production list.

One of my to do’s is an exploration of Kurinuki.  This involves carving pieces from solid blocks of clay and then hollowing them out.  I am fascinated by tea bowls and look forward to trying this with them.  The downside is that this process is highly labor intensive.  One my interests that have been put on the backburner is carving thrown porcelain pieces.  So many things to explore and not enough time…

All that being said, I continue to explore the “art” side of ceramics with decorative pieces.  However, I have not done any alternative firing (such as raku) in the last few months but I am pursuing this with high-fire reduction pieces.  I am hoping the next few months bring more wood-firing and possibly a soda-firing.

John Britt and Luke Metz at one of John's glaze workshops
John Britt and Luke Metz – glazing workshop taught by John at the Reitz Ranch in Clarkdale, Arizona

I just completed a three-day intensive workshop with John Britt.  We explored mid-fire and high-fire glazes.  The workshop involved some hands-on and a lot (LOT) of theory.  Great stuff!  I feel like I have made a quantum leap in my understanding of glazes, and am still left with the feeling of being a beginner.  I think this area will require years of practical and experimental investigation on my part – I look forward to this.

Friends, thank you for reading my blog and stay tuned.