Wood-Fired by Luke Metz

New Shows and New Studio Space

Fall 2017 Update

Events – Two Shows

The Sedona Open Studios tour (with a great variety of media) is right around the corner.  I will be sharing my studio for the tour with Sharron Porter.  Sharron does award-winning bas relief landscape paintings.  We are anticipating a good turnout.  The studio will be open from 10 am to 5 pm Friday, November 10 to Sunday, November 12.  Come by to shop or just to say hello.  This link will show a map and list of for all 65 participants (44 studios are on the tour).

Don Reitz discard
Don Reitz discard

I will also share a booth at the Annual Made In Clarkdale Showcase with Doug Hill, who explores a variety of media.  The show runs from Thursday, November 30 through Sunday, December 3 – great time for gift shopping.  I created the website for the show.  Visit the schedule page for times and special events.

Pottery News

Wood FIred Porcelain - near firebox
Wood Fired Porcelain – near firebox

I now have studio space at the Reitz Ranch which was the studio of the eminent ceramic artist, Don Reitz.  His creative energy and presence are very noticeable in the studio.  Being there gives me access to cone 10 firing, to atmospheric firing (i.e. salt and soda firing) and to wood firing.  Being a total newbie in regards to wood firing, I am very excited to get into this.  I continue to do saggar, raku, and cone 6 electric firing at my home studio.

Faux Kintsugi - 21 inches
Faux Kintsugi Saggar Piece -21 inches

I am continuing to explore thrown forms with a sculptural emphasis; although I am still doing functional pieces.  Much of my current work has been inspired by a recent visit to Antelope Canyon (see below).  Many of these pieces have been pit fired resulting in a finish reminiscent of the colors in Antelope Canyon.  I have also been working with assembled thrown pieces.  One of these, which is 21 inches tall and saggar fired, broke when I carelessly picked it up by its long thin neck.  After some consideration, I repaired it with a faux kintsugi method I developed.  I like the final result. 

Ceramic Arts Network published an online “Artist Q&A” on me:


Personal News

Anniversary Trip – Antelope Canyon

My wife, Sue, and I celebrated our wedding anniversary by touring many of the natural wonders that are nearby.  After a relaxing day in Durango, Colorado, we spent a couple of days visiting native American ruins in Mesa Verde National Park and then headed to Monument Valley via Valley of the Gods and Gooseneck State Park.  It was then on to Page, Arizona to visit Horseshoe Bend and Lower Antelope Canyon.  We saw much spectacular scenery in six days without feeling unduly rushed.  A memorable vacation – if you are logged into Facebook you can see my Facebook post (Southwest Tour 2017).  Sue and I also did a five-day retreat in Sedona in October with Bentinho Massaro.


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