Orange Submarine pit-fired by Luke Metz

Soda and Pit Firing

Soda FireSeptember has been a busy month.  I have been involved with a soda firing and also a pit firing.  Samples from both firings are shown here.

The featured image above is a pit fired piece measuring 12″ high by 16″ wide by 7.5″ deep.  Yes that is a piece of turquoise in the lip.

The members co-op show at the Sedona Arts Center was also in September – it is now over.  I am getting ready for a show in Sedona in November and also the Made in Clarkdale show in December.

Porcelain RakuI have been experimenting with porcelain.  Some of the pit fire pieces I did were made with Coleman Porcerlain (cone 10) as well as some raku pieces.  The raku pieces are a particular challenge given that porcelain is a very closed or dense clay body and tends to crack from the thermal shock generated during the raku process.  Shown in this post is a porcelain raku piece that hopefully will result in a collaborative piece with metal weaving done by Wendy Bialek-Kling.  If we take the project to completion, I will post an image of the final result.

Pit FireSeptember was also the beginning of the fall semester at Coconino Community College.  I continue to work with Don Fethkenher at the college.  Since this involves an hour commute each way, this has kept my schedule quite full.  I hope to include some images from this class in my next post.