Fall 2015

This fall has been extremely busy.  I have been in four different art shows.  In order to attend Coconino Community College in LM_1403b_TeaSetFlagstaff,  Arizona I have been driving about an hour each way.  The instructor, Don Fethkenher, has been an inspiration and I feel that my work is maturing under his tutelage.  I have completed a substantial body of cone 10 reduction pieces and am pleased with the results.  All of the photos of my ceramic art shown in this post are part of this body of work completed this fall in Flagstaff.
With all its beautiful switchbacks Oak Creek Canyon is a daunting drive in the winter (Flagstaff is at 7,200 feet in elevation).  Because of this I will forego attending Coconino Community College this spring and instead will attend Yavapai College in sunny Clarkdale, Arizona (elevation 3,500 feet).  Even though I consider myself a professional, I love learning and attending classes.  Also, I find my fellow students refreshing and inspiring.  I plan to return the Coconino Community College for the summer semester and am looking forward to the excellent quality of instruction that is LM_1425_Rakuprovided there.  I suspect that I may always be a student.

I still love doing raku firing and have included a photo a piece I made in Flagstaff and fired this December at my studio in Sedona.

I had not done much traveling for a while but this fall has been chock full of traveling adventures.  My wife and I took a long weekend to ride the Narrow Gauge Railroad from Silverton, Colorado.  On the way we stayed at the historic La Posada Inn in Winslow, Arizona (remember LM_1406_SidewaysBowlthe song?).  The Turquoise Room in the hotel serves some of the best food in northern Arizona.  Winslow, we will be back!

This fall I did an eight day retreat with Bentinho Massaro at the Mount Madona retreat center.  It was life changing!  My wife and I were also able to spend a weekend in Colorado Springs, Colorado with Bentinho and snuck in a visit to the Turquoise Room on the drive back (one of the best and most fun.
Over Thanksgiving my wife and I visited La Jolla and loved every minute of it.  I have included a few photos from this trip.

Our cat, Roshi, has loved our departures.  Many different friends come by and play with him while we are gone.  He knows he is royalty and thinks he is in Heaven.  He is looking forward to our next adventure (and so are we).  We have no idea when or what this may be…

My son just got his three year coin this fall.  Congratulations son on your continued sobriety.  We are all very proud of you.

That’s about it for now.  Thank you for tuning in.  Happy Holidays!
Luke Metz